Three Hacks For Busy Parents Who Are Working Towards Financial Freedom

As a parent we spend so much time taking care of our kids

…preparing them to go out

…preparing them for bed

…preparing their meals

Let’s face it, we are busy!

So how can we become financially free with so little time for ourselves?!?

Read on to find Three Hacks For Busy Parents Who Are Working Towards Financial Freedom.

  1. 100% commitment

    If you want to be free you need to be 100% committed, meaning you do whatever it takes no matter what!

    Get your kids and spouse 100% committed as well.

    Don’t worry about how it will happen.

    All you have to do at this point is know in your heart that you are meant to be FREE!

    So what are you committing to?

    Saving at least 10% of your income, learning about what to do with that money…CLICK HERE FOR ALL STEPS

  2. Automatic Transfers

    As a busy parent, you don’t have time to move money around every time you get paid…so set it up automatically!

    Either have 10% or greater of your paycheck automatically deducted and deposited to your financial freedom account.

    Or have a transfer of a set amount that is 10% or greater of your income directly to a savings account…we do this weekly.

    Automatic transfers into your financial freedom account are key.

  3. Set Aside One Hour a Week

    How can you make the time?


    Get your spouse or another caregiver to take care of the kids during that time.

    You only need One Hour to start.

    During that hour you are working on your financial freedom, whether it’s setting up your transfers, researching investments, or budgeting and lowering expenses.

    Set the hour in your schedule, get your kids covered and do what you have to do in that hour.

    Trust me, one hour a week will make a huge difference!


I do these three things and have improved my Net Worth, created a savings account, have passive income monthly and more!
If you commit to being great, then that is what you will be =)
Learn more about how I help working parents create financial freedom – CLICK HERE, watch the free video and get started today!