3 Most Informative Videos on How To Make Money Renting Real Estate

…some people think that the safest investments are in real estate…

…however, becoming a landlord is a career and it has a lot of issues associated it…

…this post will educate you with the most-informative videos on how to be an effective landlord and make money through rental income…

  1. What Every Landlord Should Know About Property Management

    …this video covers the big key points on how to be successful at renting…

    …he hits key points that are extremely important, including:

    1) what you can use (credit score) and can’t use (sex, race…) to choose your renters
    2) how marketing with give you better tenants
    3) who the best tenants are (nurses) and the worst (self employed)
    4) be prepared in advance with an attorney that does lots of foreclosures
    5) be strict on rent being turned in on time
    6) need cash flow (if you are just breaking even, don’t invest)
    7) reserves (to pay for things when things go wrong)

  2. How to Calculate Numbers on a Rental Property

    …this is a great video that goes through the numbers that you need to look at to figure out if a rental property will be worth investing in…

    …it is key to know these numbers BEFORE you buy!

    …watch this video to understand how to calculate your key numbers…

  3. What to Avoid when buying a Rental Property

    …this video is extremely practical and informative…

    …it talks about everything you want to avoid when buying a rental property such as:

    1) Avoid houses, condos and townhomes
    2) Avoid flat roofs
    3) Don’t pay electricity or gas
    4) Avoid multiple stories
    5) Avoid being next to alleys or being on a main street

    …and more…

    …and the video talks about exactly WHY you should avoid these things…

…do you have experience renting?

…share your tips and advice in the comments below!