5-1-16 Mey, Jordan & Jomel  at the Aston in Waikiki

The 7 Levels of Investors from The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

Did you know according to Robert Kiyosaki in his book The Cashflow Quadrant, 50% of the adult population is a Level 0 Investor?

Level 0 is the level where people say they have nothing to invest.

I was a Level 0 investor in my 20s.  Are you a level 0 investor?

If you aren’t a Level 0 investor, then maybe you are a Level 1 investor, which are investors who borrow for everything!  They borrow to spend, they borrow to invest, they borrow to pay their bills.

I was a Level 1 investor in my mid 30s.  Are you a level 1 investor?

I’ve actually moved past Level 2 (saver) and Level 3 (“smart investor”) up to Level 4 (Long-Term Investors) and entering Level 5 (Sophisticated Investors).

Want to find out more about your level and how you can go to higher and higher levels?

Watch this video blog and comment below on what investor level you are at and where you want to be!

Water “Wai” and Wealth “Wai Wai” – What is Wealth?

…Mey here writing a blog inspired from our family visit to Dole Plantation yesterday on Water “Wai” and Wealth “Wai Wai” – What is Wealth?

…we were touring the beautiful gardens and learned that the Hawaiian word for fresh water is “wai” and the word for wealth is “wai wai”

Mey and Jordan at the Taro Pond at Dole Plantation 10-21-15
Mey and Jordan at the Taro Pond at Dole Plantation 10-21-15

…fresh water means a lot to Hawaiians because if you found a source, then you could live…

…you could grow plants, drink water, etc…

…when I think about becoming financially free, I sometimes think that I want to become wealthy…

…the thing is I already am wealthy…

…afterall, I do have fresh water to drink yes?

…water is so important and I take it for granted a lot…

…I’m not saying not to have the finer things in life, however, this is a way was a great reminder to be grateful for all that we have…

…because fresh water is so important for all life!

…what is wealth to you?

…is it the air that we breath?

…is it your family?

The Duldulao Family at Dole Plantation 10-21-15
The Duldulao Family at Dole Plantation 10-21-15

…is it the food that you can put on your table?

…are you taking the wealth that you already have for granted too?

…please comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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Wealth Test Question – What Would You Do With $300,000.00?

…what if you had $300,000.00 US…

…what would you do with it?

…I can tell from your answer whether you are rich or are poor…

…I can tell from your answer whether you are on the road to financial freedom or financial failure…

…what is your answer?

…watch this episode and change how you think about money forever…



…so what did you say?

…would you buy a house or a condo?

…would you spend it on a nice vacation?

…spend it on your kid’s tuition?

…pay off your debt, or another loved ones debt?

…or maybe you want to buy a new dream car?

…if these are your answers than I can tell you that your thinking is going to keep you poor…

…read on to find out why…

…people who have money SAVE and INVEST money…

…if you had a financial freedom or wealthy mindset, then you would have said that you would take the $300,000.00 and invest in WISELY…

…so what are some options?

…watch this episode of Enjoy The Journey, to learn more…

…come on, tell me what you would do with $300,000.00…

…do you agree or disagree?

…comment below!