Love and Money: 15 Secrets to Wealth and Abundance

Love and Money: 15 Secrets to Wealth and Abundance

Valentine’s Day 2018 has arrived and what a great day to talk about Love and Money: 10 Secrets to Wealth and Abundance

What does love have to do with money?

In reality, it has a lot to do with money.

Here are 15 secrets of how love can make you money, wealthy and abundant.

Secret #1 Loving Yourself

One of the biggest reasons I got into debt back in 2009 and 2010 was that I didn’t take care of myself. I didn’t take the time to appreciate who I was at the time.

So I let other people take advantage of me, and got into a lot of problems.

I actually had to practice loving myself to change my circumstances.

Getting into a higher loving vibration, I repelled those who would harm me, and gradually started accumulating money and wealth.

Secret #2 Loving Your Significant Other

Many say that one of the biggest creators and destroyers of wealth is divorce.

In order to create and grow wealth, we need the help of our significant other.

Often times, if we fully appreciate and love our husband or wife, we find that wealth is a lot easier to grow.

Secret #3 Loving Your Children

It’s because I loved my son so much, that I worked so hard to quit my job in December 2016.

I wanted to go with him on his field trips and have energy to play with him in the evenings.

I wanted to be there and see him grow up.

When I was working a job during the day, and came home late on Fridays, it would pain me to think of all the time I was away from my son.

That motivated me to grow my wealth as fast as possible.

Loving your children, wanting to be there for them at your best, having the resources to support them…that is one of the strongest motivators for wealth creation.

Secret #4 Loving Your Family

To me, being able to travel more means visiting my family.

Last year we visited my sister in Washington DC, my husband Jomel’s brother’s family and his sister in LA, Jomel’s auntie and uncle’s family in Toronto, my auntie and uncle in Buffalo, my aunties and uncles in Toronto and Jomel’s parents on a cruise to Mexico.

Do you love your family enough to create the wealth you need to actually visit them?

Secret #5 Loving Your Community

When I started my journey towards financial freedom, I adopted the budgeting system recommended by T Harv Eker.

In his system, you pay yourself first 10% of what you make, and you divide the rest of the money among different accounts, one of which was the GIVE account.

So I started by putting 10% of my tax refund into my GIVE account, and that ended up being $300!

Ever since then, I’ve had money to tithe to my church, to donate to charities and good causes in my community.

Honestly, that made me feel rich more than anything else…the ability to give back to the community.

Loving our community can create massive amounts of wealth, as we fund projects and also fuel our own wealth.

Doesn’t it feel good to become wealthy knowing that you can make a greater difference in the community?

Secret #6 Loving Your Boss

One of the biggest lessons I learned was that in order to leave my job, I had to outgrow it.

That means that I had to fully appreciate and understand my boss at work.

My boss put in a lot of hard work and effort to become the boss.

My boss has a lot of skills that I can learn from if I just am open to learning.

And if I was at a job, then that means I still have something to learn there.

So once I started to love my boss, and truly learn and grow from working with them, that’s when I was able to leave my job.

Wealth comes from knowledge and being able to offer value to others that pay you for the value you give.

Your boss most likely knows a thing or two about about creating value for customers, so learn, and grow…to grow your knowledge, your expertise and your own finances.

Secret #7 Loving Your Bills

Louise Hay, in her book You Can Heal Your Life, talks about loving your bills as a method to bring wealth.

After all, someone trusted you enough to offer you services in advance, and allow you to pay after.

This is wonderful you can celebrate that by sending loving and grateful energy every time you pay a bill.

Secret #8 Loving Your Circumstances

Whatever your current circumstances are, you created.

Whether good or bad, they are the results of your past actions.

So, embrace and love them!

Your circumstances are here to teach you a lesson, and make you better than you were before they occurred.

They are your feedback mechanism, letting you know if your actions are helping you or not.

Love your circumstances, you made them, and now you get to learn from them!

Secret #9 Loving Your Money

Do you love your money?

Do you feel like it is more than enough?

Do you keep it organized, nicely folded in your wallet?

Do you say nice things to your money?

How do you feel about your money…are you grateful for all the money you have in your life?

Love money and money will stick to you like glue!

Secret #10 Loving Other People’s Money

T Harv Eker mentions in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind how to be rich, it’s important to appreciate and bless those who have a lot of money.

He surmises that the poor have a hatred for those with money, and that is why they do not have money.

Because if they did have money, then they would have to hate themselves.

So start loving other people who have a lot of money, and bless them for all of the wealth that they enjoy.

Secret #11 Loving Learning

Ever since I started my journey of Financial Freedom, I have been attending seminars and reading books, articles and news on investing.

If I didn’t take the time to learn these new things, I wouldn’t be able to increase our passive income, and learn new techniques to improve business revenue, save on taxes and so on.

It is the love of learning that will free you, and bring you wealth and abundance.

Secret #12 Loving Affirmations

I have been using affirmations for years, to change my thoughts to ones that are more conducive to great wealth..

These affirmations are not only about money, they also express my love for myself.

Read my blog post 3 AFFIRMATIONS FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM, WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, MONEY AND PROSPERITY for examples of powerful affirmations.

Secret #13 Loving Meditation

Every great teacher of wealth and prosperity that I have learned from takes time to meditate daily.

In the book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich, he details the inner work required to acquire great wealth.

In The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles, he discusses in great length how you have to visualize and spend time thinking about what type of wealth that you want to create.

The secret to creating great wealth and abundance is to take time to go within, to do the inner planning and the inner work, and to meditate.

Secret #14 Loving the Present Moment

The only moment that we can control is the present moment.

The only moment where we are alive is the present.

The past and the future are mental constructs, and really just figments of our imagination.

In the present is where we can take the actions to become wealth, and build our prosperity.

Loving our lives in the present moment is the key to great wealth and prosperity.

Secret #15 Love

Love is the highest vibration that we can exist in.

When we feel love, we can create and build with almost effortless power.

Because we are in alignment with the creative force of the universe.

We are able to create without competition, and align our interests with the interests of others, thereby being in the space of wealth creation and true abundance.

The more we feel love, and give love, the more wealth we have.


The love of myself and my family motivated me get my financial house in order, and pay off over $30,000 in debt, create a monthly passive income stream and quit my day job on December 23, 2016.

Now I work part time from home, helping working parents create financial freedom, and full time as a Mommy and Wife.

If you want to learn more about how I can help take back control of your money and your time, then CLICK HERE, watch the free video and get started!

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