Enjoy The Moment – Key To Freedom

…Mey here a bit tired this night before Thanksgiving, played a lot with my 2 year old son Jordan, and now getting in my daily blog post on Enjoy The Moment – Key To Freedom

…all the stuff in your life, on financial freedom, your health, your relationships…whatever is going on…

…life is still always about enjoying the moment!


…that’s the only way to truly attain any kind of freedom, in the present moment…

…when we are thinking of the past or the future, or other places, or anything but the present moment, we are imprisoned by our mind…’

…in the end, break free of the mind and see where you are – here, and now!

…and enjoy it =)


…this is a video I made today when I was sitting on rocks at Ala Moana Beach park, enjoying the moment…

…I hope you enjoy it too!


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