How To Reverse Fees, Lower Interest Rates, and Keep More Of Your Money

How To Reverse Fees, Lower Interest Rates, and Keep More Of Your Money

Want to know how to reverse fees, lower interest rates, and keep more of your money?

Well, you have come to the right place.

In fact, today I just got off the phone with my brokerage company and had them credit back a fee for $75.00 to my account and a fee of $75 to my son’s HUTMA account.

That’s right, I made back $150 in about 15 minutes.

That equals about $600/hr.

So, watch the video training and follow the steps below to reverse fees, lower interest rates, and keep more of your money!

How To Reverse Fees

To reverse a fee, call the issuer of the fee and ask them to credit it back.

Depending on the circumstances, they will either credit it back, not credit it back, or partially credit it back.

If you are transferring money from an old bank to a new bank, then you can also ask the new bank to credit you any transfer fees that the old bank charged.

Usually, you can get the first fee credited back. If you get the fee a 2nd or a 3rd time, they may not credit you back.

Fix the problem that caused the fee, and then ask for them to credit it back.

How To Lower Interest Rates

Get a notebook handy.

Write down the date and time, then call your credit card/loan company.

Ask for the name of the person you are speaking to and write it down.

Then tell them you are calling because you want to lower your rate and ask for the rate that you want.

Write down what they say.

If they lower it, great!

If not, then ask to speak to their manager.

Write down the manager’s name and what they say.

If they don’t lower your rate, ask for their manager…on up to the president if you have to (I did for one of my credit cards).

With each request, summarize like this:

“On January 10 I called Janice and asked for my interest rate to be lowered to XXX and she told me to speak to her manager Bob. He told me to speak to Shirley. I spoke to Shirley on February 11 and she then told me to speak to you. I’m calling because I would like my interest rate lowered to XXX”

Keep track and keep calling until you get the interest rate you want.

Keep More of Your Money

When these methods were taught to me, I was making maybe $17/hr at my job. I realized that reversing 1 fee of $30.00 was almost 2 hours of my time at my job!

You work hard for your money, now be smart and strategic and keep more of it too.


In this post I shared with you knowledge given to me by a young man who was already financially free at 35.

When he taught this to me over the phone, I actually cried, because it was sincere and effective advice that I really needed. I’m eternally grateful that this information was passed on to me and I am now passing it on to you.

If you actually follow it, and take the steps to reverse fees, and lower your interest rates, then you will see that you will grow your ability to negotiate, and keep more of your money.

I’m a mother and a wife, but I’m also in the business of helping you become Financially Free as quickly as possible.

I used to have over $30,000+ in debt back in 2010, and a negative Net Worth. I understand the stress of having debts from credit cards and lines of credit, that I know will take years to pay off.

Though it was stressful for me at the time, I used these tools and lowered the interest rates on ALL of my credit cards.

I became completely debt free in April of 2016, and quit my job in December 2016 to be a full time Mom and Wife, and to create a mastermind coaching program where I mentor working parents to become financially free.

If you want to get personalized assistance in becoming financially free, or know someone who does, then CLICK HERE, enter your name and e-mail address, and watch the free video!