Affirmations That Can Help You Obtain Financial Freedom

…are your thoughts the kind that will make you financially free?

…stop and listen to what you are thinking about…

…did you know it’s much easier to REPLACE them with wealth affirming thoughts that will lead you to financial freedom than you think?

  1. Replacing YOUR Thoughts about Wealth, Money and Financial Freedom

    List the first 10 thoughts that you have around Money NOW:

    Look at what you wrote and if you see thoughts that do not lead to wealth, financial freedom and abundance, then go ahead and write the opposite:

    For example, if you wrote:

    “I never have enough money”
    “I always have more than enough money”

    Write down your wealth affirming affirmations and place the list on your bathroom mirror or somewhere where you can see them and say them at least TWICE a day.

  2. “In Progress” Affirmations

    …sometimes when we say things to our mind that aren’t true, they can get rejected…

    …for example, if you say to yourself “I have multiple streams of passive income that grow on a consistent basis” and you don’t, then your mind may fight with you and say “No you don’t”…

    …so the solution?

    …use the words “I’m in the process” to make your affirmations true to you…

    …For example, you would say “I am in the process of creating multiple streams of passive income that grow on a consistent basis”

  3. Research How Wealth People Think To Create Good Affirmations

    …it’s a bit hard to change your thinking when you don’t know how a financially free person thinks…

    …you need to read books written by them, see them speak on Youtube, do your research…

    …here are some good affirmations to start while you create your own…

    “I am so happy and grateful that I am growing multiple streams of passive income on a consistent basis”

    “I’m so happy and grateful that all of my needs are met and more!”

    “I have a financially free mind”

    “Money comes easily and often unexpectedly into my life”

    “I see opportunities to offer my value everyday and I offer it with gratitude”

    “I’m so grateful for the abundance in my life”


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…what are your thoughts on money?

…what thoughts have been good for your financial freedom and what thoughts have not?

…what are your favorite affirmations?

4 thoughts on “Affirmations That Can Help You Obtain Financial Freedom

  1. Great Post! I always practice my money affirmations, and it helps a lot. Makes me feel so good.
    I love this one: I am a money magnet and money flows to me endlessly and continuously.

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