5 Most Popular Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity Subliminal Programming Videos

5 Most Popular Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity Subliminal Programming Videos

Sometimes it’s nice to kick back, relax, and listen to subliminal programming that you want in your life.

These are messages telling you that you have wealth, and your life is abundant and that you are a money magnet.

Listen to them while you sleep and reprogram your subconscious mind!

This may be one of the most transformative posts you ever read on the internet.

So bookmark this, listen, and reprogram your mind…

  1. Sleep Programming for Prosperity-‘Millionnaire Mindset’ -Attract Abundance & Wealth While You Sleep!

    Let’s sleep to these gentle water sounds and subliminal messages about our Millionaire Mindset.
  2. Deep Sleep Programming For Attracting Money

    You can hear the affirmations and ocean sounds in this video.

    Go into a deep sleep and attract money!

  3. Attract Abundance of Money Prosperity Luck & Wealth★Jupiter’s Spin Frequency★Theta Binaural Beats

    Let this subliminal meditation music strengthen your alignment with the abundance of source =)

  4. 528hz – “I Am” Affirmations! (POWERFUL STUFF!)

    The most powerful tool of creation is to use the words “I am” and fill in what you want to be, or what you want to be more of.

    This extremely popular video is saying “I am” with very powerful and strong words that will bring abundance and prosperity.

  5. Millionnaire Mindset Subliminal Affirmations for Wealth & Abundance – Alpha (10hz) Binaural Beats

    This video from The Brainwave Hub has different wealth affirmations going into each ear, and powerful Alpha Binaural Beats.

    They say the 10hz Alpha waves are conducive to relaxation and alert relaxation, so it’s ok to sleep or study while listening.

    To get the best effect, wear headphones so that these affirmations can go in your right and left ears respectively:


    Right Channel (1st person):

    I am wealthy
    I always have money
    I attract financial abundance
    My mind is finely tuned for attracting massive wealth
    I always think positively about money
    I have many financial opportunities
    I always find a way to make a large profit
    I am rich and prosperous
    My life is full of abundance
    I am focused on achieving wealth

    Left Channel (2nd Person):

    You are a millionaire
    Your mind is highly focused on making large sums of money
    You believe in yourself completely
    You are highly motivated and productive
    You always work hard
    You have an intense drive to be rich and successful
    You are dedicated to becoming a millionaire
    You are certain that you will make large amounts of money
    You work hard and push through negativity and criticism
    You have the mindset of a millionaire
    You are entrepreneurial and see opportunities to make money everywhere
    You have complete confidence in your ability to make money
    You are dedicated to becoming a millionaire
    You are naturally motivated and work persisently towards your goals
    You always work hard and productively
    You always thrive in challenging situations and overcome adversity

I hope you got value from these subliminal videos for reprogramming your brain for wealth, prosperity and abundance.

I’m passionate about financial freedom and living a life of wise abundance.

When I first wrote this blog post in 2015, I was waking up early in the morning and doing 1 blog post a day, dreaming of quitting my bank job and being able to see my 2 year old son more…

Today as I edited this post, I no longer work that bank job.

I’m doing my dream, which is helping others create financial freedom and being a stay-at-home Mom and having fun with my 4 year old son.

It’s amazing how much you can change when you focus on your dreams!

Are you a dreamer?

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Happy wealth manifestation my friend =)